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Physiotherapist in Calgary-Alberta

Physiotherapist are healthcare professionals that specialize in helping you heal from acute and chronic pain. They help solve biomechanics problems, improve human movement and function. Typically physiotherapist work with people after an injury, however it is not uncommon for patients to seek physiotherapy as a method of injury prevention.

Physiotherapist in Calgary have a very general routine. The first thing that they will do is assess the problem you are having. It starts with a  full history of what happened, when the injury started and where it is hurting. They then g further into your previous and family health issues to identify if there might be a link to the problem you came in with. After this is done, they will do certain orthopaedic tests to provoke pain and isolate the cause of the problem.

After this is done they provide treatment. The treatment depends on many different things. It may include a lot of hands on therapy to break up scar tissue, to exercises to strengthen muscles, improve balance or coordination, joint mobilization, etc. Everyone depends on what patients respond best too. No two people will have the same treatment plan. After this you can expect to have a handful of treatments before you will notice significant improvement.

Active Release Technique can decrease muscle tightness

Back Pain, muscle tightness

There are many causes of muscle pain.  Tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries are some of the most common causes of normal musculoskeletal pain. This pain is usually in one spot, but can sometimes affect several muscles.  This is different than Systemic muscle pain. Systemic muscle pain is usually felt throughout your entire  body and is commonly caused by some kind of infection or organic disease.
It is important to differentiate these two types of pain so that you can decide the type of care your body might need. If it is normal musculoskeletal pain there are many different types of therapies you can try. Massage, ultrasound, TENS are some ways that you can decrease muscle pain.
An even more effective method to treat muscle pain is Active release technique. Active release technique also known as A.R.T and is commonly used to loosen up muscle tissue and decrease joint stiffness and muscle pain.
Active release technique works by using hand pressure to break of fibrous adhesions and trigger points. By using stretching motions and hand pressure in the direction of venous and lymphatic flow it will release tightness in muscle and create more oxygen to the tissue. Creating more oxygen to the tissues allows the tissue to heal quicker and creates less tightness and stiffness in muscles.